Financing is a very important part of your home purchase.  Our Sales Representatives will give you a list of lenders that are available for financing your new home. These are some frequently asked questions about financing.  Please call us for any further questions you may have. Some questions we can answer and some questions and details will need to be answered by your bank. 

Can you finance the land, well, septic, etc. with the loan package?

Yes, you can finance anything that pertains to the construction of

the home.  Some lenders may consolidate other loans with your

mortgage if you wish.


How much do I need upfront?

Different scenarios can cause the amount you need to change.  You will need to check with your lender to find out how much you will need depending on the terms and details of your financing. 


Do I need to pay my closing costs up front?

This information can be obtained by contacting your mortgage lender..


How long will the banks finance my mortgage?

This information can be obtained by contacting your mortgage lender..


Is this a construction loan and what does that mean?

Yes, this is a construction loan.  A construction loan simply means

that your contractors will be paid when their work is complete on

site.  It is not uncommon to take 5 draws on a loan, depending on the work that is being done.


Can I act as the General Contractor or will Gary's Homes do this?

You may act as your own contractor or we will be glad to do it.

However, if you act as your own, keep in mind that copies of

Workmen's Comp and Liability Insurance are required.  When we

are the General Contractor, we will take care of setting up all work and scheduling everyone accordingly. 


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